Electric – Part 2

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Thinking back to that email, she could hardly believe it had been two months. They had both admitted a romantic attraction to the other, and from there, things just took off. Two months had felt like so much longer, and not a single day had passed when they didn’t talk to each other several times. Both of them were scared by how quickly everything seemed to move, but neither of them was running the other way.


The two had a lot in common, which was one reason they had become so close, so quickly. It was a dream come true for Gabrielle. In her last relationship, there wasn’t much commonality. The things she enjoyed the most were things her partner routinely mocked or criticized. She knew that some of that came from insecurities, but it made the relationship volatile. Lucy, on the other hand, liked Gabrielle for exactly who she was, faults and all. Lucy was smart, funny, beautiful, brave, passionate, loving…simply amazing. Gabrielle felt so lucky and grateful to have Lucy in her life that she often couldn’t believe it. Sometimes she thought it was all too good to be true. And that scared her more than anything.


They had talked pretty honestly about their past relationships, and discovered that they had a lot of the same demons. When one of them was scared or feeling overwhelmed, the other could understand and offer support. It was a lot easier for them to fight their demons and insecurities together when they were fighting similar battles. Gabrielle often felt abandoned by people she cared about. Lucy had experienced far too much pain and loss in her life at a young age, more than anyone should ever experience. Those were some of the feelings that brought them closer together.


Sometimes Gabrielle felt like a schoolgirl. A message from Lucy could make her giddy and blow away anything that was bringing her down. When she thought about her, she felt…alive. She mused if this was how Frankenstein’s monster felt when he was brought to life by that bolt of lightning. Even with 1700 miles between them, they both still felt this draw, almost as strongly as if they were in the same room. And when the day comes that they are finally together, the room will be electric.

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