Goodbye, Old Friend

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I knew that eventually this day would come, but I still find myself not quite prepared for it. Nothing can really last forever, so why should our relationship be any different. We’ve been through a lot together, though, you and I. We’ve seen love, laughter, tears, disappointment, anger, hurt. You’ve walked with me on more journeys than anyone else.

I can hardly believe that 12 years have passed so quickly. God knows you’ve seen me do some pretty stupid things, but you never scolded me. You just kept on being you, supporting me through thick and thin. Sure, we went through times where we weren’t around each other much. There were even times when we might have hated each other just a little.

You’ve been with me longer than anyone outside of family. You’ve seen me through two divorces (ok, one divorce and one pseudo-divorce). You were with me as I pursued my Master’s degree. We’ve been through a few jobs and a layoff. You were there when I waited for the doctor to tell me if a lump I found was anything to worry about (it wasn’t). You were there when I went in for the MRI to see if a brain tumor was the cause of my temporary hearing loss (it wasn’t).

I’ve always been able to count on you, rain or shine. But I know that sometimes relationships must come to an end. You are ready to move on and I have to accept that. This isn’t really the end for us though. We’ll still see each other. It just won’t be as often. And maybe, someday, I’ll find another like you who can walk with me through the next 12 or more years. They can’t ever replace you though. You are one of a kind.

Be well, my faithful friend.

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