Musical Musings – Dancing Queen

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ABBA is a guilty pleasure for me. Yes, I have several of those, musically speaking. When I listen to them, I just can’t help tapping my foot, and if alone, busting out some ridiculous dance move.”Dancing Queen” in particular holds some fond memories. In college, my friends and I danced to this often on Thursday and Friday nights. We even had our own routine just for this song. We didn’t care if it was cheesy or if people stared. We were just having fun and enjoying life. Granted, we also had a great deal of liquid courage in our system when this happened, so that could account for some of our bravery.

The second we heard the song start, we’d find one another on the dance floor and start our dance. Depending on the bar, we’d hop up on the tables provided for dancing. Clumsy as I am, I never fell off those tables. It was fun. It was freeing. It was a time when we didn’t have the major responsibilities of adults. We lived and danced in the moment. After we graduated, we went our separate ways. We tried to stay in touch. Some of us got married and had kids. “Dancing Queen” was always played at the weddings and we always danced together. When I hear the song, I think of my friends. I often wonder if they think of the times we shared when they hear the song.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some cheesy dancing to do…

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