Musical Musings – Xanadu

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There’s at least one other person out there who is secretly giddy that they have found someone else who loves Xanadu. I have been mocked for years for loving the music in this movie. I’ve even been mocked for liking the movie itself. Yes, Xanadu is probably the cheesiest movie in existence, but it puts a smile on my face. I’m not sure if my love of this movie comes from my love of Olivia Newton-John or the fact that as a kid something about this movie spoke to me. Was it the muses coming out of the wall, rollerskating all over the place and inspiring artists? Was it the rebel muse refusing to go back home? I honestly don’t know. Whenever the movie came on, you could bet that I was in front of the TV watching it. When we got a VCR, I recorded it so I could watch it at any time. After CDs became the popular choice for music media, I searched and searched for this soundtrack. I even tried to special order it, but nobody could get it for me. I think it was 10 years before I finally found a copy at a Virgin Megastore in San Francisco. I actually jumped up and down in the aisle when I saw it! I ran through the place (all three¬†levels)¬†looking for my entire family to show them that I had finally found my Holy Grail of pop music. And I was proably in my late teens or early twenties when this happened. Finding that soundtrack made my year. Then came the advent of the DVD. You know where I’m going with this right? More searching, more waiting, and finally the movie was released on DVD. And I had it in my hot little hands days later. It is a feel-good movie with a romance. You even get a little parental interference and think that maybe things won’t work out in the end. You have songs that play with different genres. A little rock mixed with some swing. And Gene Kelly! I love his character in this movie and his chemistry with Olivia is great. Yes, I’m gushing about a movie that’s plot revolves around the dream of one guy to open a rollerskate dance club. So, lace up those skates, turn up the volume, and take a lap or two with me as I enjoy some of the music of my youth. I bet you can’t listen to this song or watch the video without smiling.

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