The Figure in the Choir Loft

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There’s something about old churches that gives me the creeps. Maybe it’s the gargoyles staring down at me. Maybe it’s the unknown history of what has gone on inside the walls. I do know that I’ve been in some churches that have sent icy chills up my spine and set my hair on end. I can only describe this sensation as the feeling that something malevolent is there watching me.

My mom once told me a story about something that happened at the church she lived across from when she was a kid. Even as I type this, I get goosebumps, knowing the tale I’m about to tell is more than likely true, despite the supernatural nature of the event.

Mom grew up in Fresno, CA, across from an old Catholic church. This is where she went to school and spent her formative years learning the best ways to piss off nuns. One particular Sister had a habit (no pun intended) of walking the grounds of the school and church after school was out for the day. She would then go into the church to pray before going about her other duties. Perhaps she was praying that the kids would stop being so irritating.

This church has a choir and organ loft that juts out over the back aisles. There are three entrances to the church, two of which were always locked, and the main entrance, by which the Sister entered the church. There is also a door that leads up to the choir loft, which was also locked most of the time, and is the only way to get to the loft.

As she prayed, she felt a presence in the church with her. Just as she turned around, some funerial music started from the organ above her. Looking up, she saw a dark figure at the keys. The priests would often come to practice when the church wasn’t in use, so it was possible it was one of them. She immediately walked towards the entrance of the church where the stairs to the loft were located. With music still playing above her, she tried the door. It was locked. She unlocked the door and made her way up the stairs. Just as she reached the top, the music stopped. She stepped into the loft and looked around.

The figure was gone.

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