Glee Recap

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There are few new shows out in tv land that have really appealed to me over the last few years. But Glee is one I look forward to every week. So, imagine my complete and utter heartache when I had to cancel my satellite service, knowing I would be missing out on all the new episodes. After several weeks of missing the news and knowing that I only had a few more days before Glee started up again, I decided to find some solution. A digital antenna! Yes, for $12 I am able to watch 10 channels on my lovely HDTV, even if there is often a signal loss that results in me missing some key action. But on the bright side, I got to see Glee last night. So, without further ado, my recap of last night’s episode. You’ll excuse me if events are a little out of order. Without the benefit of a DVR and the rewind function, I’m having to do this all from memory.

After winning sectionals, the Glee gang truly believes things have changed for them. Maybe they’ll finally be the cool kids at the school! As Rachel, Kurt, and Mercedes contemplate their new future, they are rudely awakened by jocks throwing slushees in their faces. Guess things haven’t changed. In Principal Figgin’s office, we see Will having a fit because he’s been told that the club needs to win Regionals in order to stay around the next year. And just to pour salt in the wound, Sue walks in! Figgins has lifted her suspension and Will is outraged. Sue walks over to Figgins, hands him a coffee, leans over and tells him in her sultry Sue way how she knows how much he loves whip cream on his… [signal cuts out]. Wow! I didn’t see that coming! Apparently Sue and Figgins have a new “arrangement.” We learn that Sue had dinner with Figgins to talk about her reinstatement, and after slipping something in his drink they end up… [signal cuts out]…is naked in bed with Sue! The writers pulled out all the stops for this episode!

Later we see Will and Emma in Emma’s office having that awkward “we’re in a relationship, so what now” moment. I’m kind of hoping this romance doesn’t wreck the show. Will leans over Emma’s desk to kiss her, and much to his surprise she whips out her…[signal cuts out]…relationship calendar, complete with filled-in dates for the next month. Finn is overwhelmed by it and has that scared deer-in-the-headlights look. Rachel just might be too much for him to handle. Later at the club meeting, Will gives everyone a new assignment: find a song with the word “Hello” in the title. They all look so thrilled. Santana and Brittany are back to being Sue’s cheer bitches and are tasked with finding a way to sabotage the club…again. This time the goal is to go after Finn in an effort to drive Rachel crazy(er). They ask Finn on a date with both of them and he jumps at the chance. On the date, Brittany and Santana tell Finn they will… [signal cuts out]…right in front of him! I always knew there was something up between those two.

Will and Emma are having a cozy date at his place when things start to get a little…steamy. Emma confesses that she’s a virgin, to which Will replies, “That’s ok, I’ll just pop in…” [signal cuts out]…breaks up with her because he needs to find himself. Whatever. Rachel always bounces back, and she does it quickly with the male lead from their competition, Vocal Adrenaline. Looking for music at the library, she meets Jesse St. James, who claims to know who she is and is a big fan. There’s definitely some sexual tension between those two, even though they just met. Jesse pulls Rachel off to another part of the library where they… [signal cuts out]…I love you.” It takes guts to do that in front of a crowd!

Well, the group is not happy when they find out about Rachel and Jesse. They rat her out to Will, who promptly goes to see the coach for Vocal Adrenaline, played by Idina Menzel. I think the writers are trying to turn up the heat with these episodes because there’s sexual tension everywhere! That or they aren’t getting any themselves. Back at Will’s apartment, he and the other coach are getting hot and heavy on his couch and …[signal cuts out]…tells him thanks and says to call her when he’s gotten his own head together. I sense some more love triangles this season!

Well, those are the highlights. If you didn’t catch the Sue Sylvester Vogue video at the end of the episode, you must find it. It’s bizarre and funny. And I can’t wait until next week when …[signal cuts out]!

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