Twas the Night of Black Friday

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Twas the night of Black Friday, and all through the towns

Eager shoppers had hunted for the best bargains around.

They showed up in droves, stood in line before dawn,

To ensure they got the deals before they were gone.


When the doors opened, they pushed and they shoved.

They had to get perfect gifts for the ones that they loved.

It didn’t matter how much money they spent,

The look on their faces would be worth years of debt.


It seems that each year we try to outdo ourselves,

We have to find the latest and greatest on the store shelves.

We’re blinded by the deals we don’t really need,

Why not buy more when you can get one free!


Each year I wonder when the holidays became like this.

Is it about family or getting the best gifts?

Is this phenomenon limited to our country alone,

Or are other countries obsessed with what they own.


Does our Creator look down and just shake his head

Wondering how his creations have down this path been led?

When so many are suffering and going without

How many of us stop to lend a hand out?


It’s not that we’re bad or have ill intent,

But amongst all the frenzy it may be easy to forget

There are millions among us who are starving or homeless,

Those who aren’t as lucky or nearly as blessed.


Instead of spending more just because it’s a great deal,

Think of donating the money to buy someone a meal.

Because in the end it’s about peace, love, and family,

It’s not about how much we can fit under a tree.

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